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Artists Creating Political Armor through humor and design while Fundraising for Change.

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Artists Creating Political Armor through humor and design while Fundraising for Change.

As of November 23, 2017, we’ve now raised over $7500. for various organizations --all of which provide important services to vulnerable populations, and which are increasingly under threat by the current government...or whatever they call themselves. While this isn't a huge amount for a company, we're just a tiny group of artists and citizens who believe in doing right by their country through creating visibility, channeling funds into already-tested organizations, and making us feel less helpless, the psychic value of which has proven to be the most important thing for us. Thank you for helping us help others.***

After the long, painful election season ended with a disappointing loss, many of us artist types–who have little disposable income–were at sea about how to help the causes and agencies that we felt might suffer greatly under the change in leadership.

Artists might not have money, but we have ideas. Some of them are crazy. And sometimes "crazy" is what you need when you feel lost, so I decided that we should put those ideas to work in two ways:

1. We could give to the causes we believe in by making designs that resonate with us, our beliefs, and our times (or maybe even just because we like them)...

2. ...but we wouldn't have to empty our piggy bank every time we wanted to make a contribution to something we believed in, instead earmarking the profits from each design to the cause of our choice.

We currently have multiple designs benefitting the Emma Goldman Clinic (an independent healthcare clinic in Iowa), The Trevor Project (a suicide hotline targeting LGBTQ teens), IRCO (an immigration and refugee resettlement organization), and Survivor's Ink, who aid human trafficking victims. Past and future organizations include: NAACP, NRDC, Planned Parenthood, and others.

Resist. Donate. Wear the armor in opposition to hate, bigotry and the drive toward nihilist destruction. Be the answer.

This is probably a very pie-eyed, impractical idea. We don't care. We can't feel helpless, and artists and creatives are some of the very reasons we don't cannibalize each other. Artists take beauty, humor, truth, satire, tragedy, grief, package them in ways we understand, and give them back to us with love.

We can't do much in this world, but we can do this.

*as of September, with a substantial sum going out later in the month.